Volume control

is there a way to call out (hidden) volume control? sometimes the store manager would need the experience with louder volume and sometimes not. Also is there a way to disable current swipe control of windows? We dont want the store manager to be able to access windows and other functions. Only the intuiface experience.

Hi Gilbert,

Regarding the “swipe control of windows”, I recommend you to read this article about running IntuiFace Player on Windows PC in kiosk mode.

Regarding the control, you can’t control the device volume from IntuiFace, but only the volume of each individual asset (video or audio). In your scenario for the store manager, depending on the hardware you use, the easiest solution might be to give him a remote control to change the TV / sound system volume.


Seb is right. But if you want to control the volume of individual assets, you should be able to make your own volume sliding bar, by using using bindings and the linear converter. That may make it easier to interact with, if needed.

Ok understood. thanks Seb and Alex.



can the volume sliding bar be hidden with a password gesture or simple password?

This video explains how to create a pop-up and put it outside of the scene.
Then you can use either the on-screen gestures or a text input trigger to make it appear on the scene.

Thank you Seb.