Visibility trigger question

Here’s my issue: I have 4 assets in a scene that remain visible - each asset triggers the visibility of a popup with additional information. Is there a way for the popup to disappear whenever one of the other assets in the scene is touched - but without putting a timer on it? I don’t want to have it disappear based on a set amount of time (since everyone reads at a different pace), but when one of the other assets is touched. I can’t predict which of the other assets will be touched. I’m looking for a trigger I can add that makes whatever is on the screen invisible when any of the other assets are touched.

I imagine being able to touch any one of the 4 assets in the scene once - read the popup - and then if I want to re-read one, being able to make that one visible again. Right now, all the popups just pile up on top of each other without closing, so if I try to make one visible that I already read, it just says visible - but is under the top asset. I’m hoping to avoid a “close pop-up” button (circle with an X… etc.) and just activate the various popup with one touch.

Is this doable?

Thanks in advance for you input.


Hi @terren,

I would use Toggle Buttons and their toggle button set" property, with the following triggers:

  • When button is checked: show the pop-up
  • When button is unchecked: hide the pop-up

The “set” behavior will make sure any checked button will automatically be unchecked when a new one is checked.

Let us know if that would answer your need.


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This sends me in the right direction… but it’s still not doing exactly what I want. Right now I’ve made the image trigger buttons and put two triggers on them as you suggested (one to reveal image on trigger, one to hide when released) but I must be doing something wrong because if one trigger is pressed it reveals the associated image, but in order to hide it I then have to push the same trigger again (using the 2nd trigger). I want it to hide when I push any of the other 3 Image trigger buttons. I’m trying to avoid a double push on any of the trigger images. Could this be because I have the properties values for the image incorrectly identified. I have created and “up” and “down” state, but I don’t really want to use them. I just want the trigger image to stay the same on the screen.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

I’m not sure if I completely understand how to create the “set” as you suggested. Is there any video or documentation about how to actually create a set?

Hi @terren,

This article section explains about the toggle set.

It was maybe not explicit enough, so I added this GIF to illustrate it.