Virtual reality Intuiface


I’m not sure how to create a poll but i’m looking to canvas support for a VR version of Intuiface. hopefully if enough people get behind it we may see it in future releases!

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I’ved added the poll to your message.
For info this is how you create one:


Thanks Chloe!!


@gazm Are you envisioning VR support in the form of embeddable Unity content, or native 360 media with hotspots in Intuiface? I’d argue that 360 media would be probably more actionable in several scenarios. Right now, you can support photospheres through the HTML5 browser, but whatever happens in the browser, is insulated from the rest of the experience.

To me, having a drag & drop 360 photo / video asset with the ability to add buttons on top, it’d make lots of people happy (think of real estate kioks).


HI @tosolini
in keeping with the core strengths of Intuiface I’d like to stay away from Unity - i, like most i think, are not programmers so the ability to have the drag & drop 360 video / photo as you describe would be great. I’m doing an install on behalf of someone else next week (for real estate) they have programmed what you describe (content with hotspots) in Unity. I’d love the ability to do that in Intuiface!!


++1 for this idea. Been thinking of this for a WHILE. Support for VR video player (outside a browser) would be enormous all by itself. Adding interactive overlays would be extra sweet too, imo.


@david_gaudet and @GazM here is a new experiment that may help with the interactive 360 player requirement:


@tosolini Thanks very much for this. am away for 1/2 term in the UK but will have a proper look when i get back!
thanks again


Thanks Paulo! These are really great options for folks who have an online connection while the XP is playing. Sadly, most of the work we do is ‘offline’ with only a few exceptions (like trade shows) where the internet is notoriously unreliable and sometimes so slow that it might as well be offline. But still good to know. Haven’t had a look yet at all the goodies in v6 so maybe we’ll get something more closed-loop at some point. :smiley: