Videos skip slightly when starting


Has anyone encountered that their videos make a false start and then restart really quickly (a short replay of about a quarter of a second)?

I’ve tried playing around with the triggers: When Scene is being entered Then with “Video.mp4” use Video Action Turn Autoplay mode on. versus When scene Has been entered, start times, etc.). Nothing seems to take out that slight skip at the start of each video.

Has anyone found a workaround or a solution to this issue? Thanks.


I’ve seen the same thing. I haven’t tried yet but my thought is to make my video assets with the lowest possible data rate that I can so that hopefully they load faster.


Yeah, that is a good idea. I used DivX Convertor to take down the bitrate of my videos first, from their initial 16000 kbps to 6900 kbps, before importing them into IF. This does not resolve the skipping issue, but it does cut down on the time it takes to start a video in Player. This conversion is taking it from HD to 1080i, so you will see aliasing in the shadows and dark areas that you did not see before.


Hi @cullenb,

You should start a discussion with our support team and share your video with them so they can investigate your issue.



Alright, I can do that after lunch today. Thank you for your attention to this matter; I really appreciate it.


Hi there, I’m having the same issue. Any resolution on this topic?


I have lessened the effect to a great extent, and to be specific, this was only happening when the video WAS the scene, i.e. I have an initial scene that has a button triggered to take me to the next scene which only contains a video; any other controls that appear in that scene are on an Experience Layer.

Instead of setting the video as the background of the scene, I’ve taken the first frame of the video and saved it as a JPEG, and made that the background instead. I have the video in a layer of the scene set to start playing at 0.1 sec. This gives it the appearance that it plays just after the transition ends and removes the appearance of a “false start”. It is important to actually grab the first frame of the video itself and not a screenshot, as these will look like they have different color profiles. I hope this helps resolve the issue. If not, let me know what’s happening after you tried it this way and I’ll see if I might have any other suggestions based on what you’re seeing.


I remember having this issue last year on a project and after contacting support, believe we found a bug that had something to do with what the video is set to do when it finishes. If it freezes on the last frame or shows the first frame. After I changed that it fixed the stutter at the beginning. As I remember I also had to go into my video edit in Premiere add like 1 second of black to the beginning and have it fade up.