Videos not playing after update to 5.7.1


We have Intuiface player running on Windows. It runs an experience with videos that play automatically when the scene is entered. I updated to v5.7.1 today and reopened this experience, and now those videos aren’t playing. They are frozen on their first frame. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi @rsettle,

It looks like you will need to get in contact with the support team for this so they can analyze your issue. Could you please open a discussion here:

Thank you


Hey @rsettle,
If a fix is a little off - here’s a couple things I’ve done to try to make a work around for situations like this:

  • Instead of having the scene’s action to play the video - instead, create a toggle button or something else that tells the video to play. Then tell the scene to trigger that button instead. “sometimes” creating a buffer like this can temporarily solve the issue.
  • I’ve also run into issues with the video playback on certain scenarios, and was able to temporarily fix it by changing the Show Startup/Last Image property of the video. Switch that to see if it works.
  • Lastly, try setting a slight delay from when the scene is entered to when the video is played. Instead of immediately, maybe set "timer has elapsed " to .3 seconds or something, just in case too much is happening at once.

Best of luck.