Video Touch Wall Project

Looking for advice from anyone who has set up a video wall with an IR frame. I’m configuring a Samsung 1x6 wall with all screens in portrait orientation, and I’d like to use a miniPC or miniATX PC to run the setup, where a UHD digital signage player will handle the multiscreen setup. Any pointers or advice from someone who has done this would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @cullenb

Give me a PM I should be able to help you, with a 1x6 matrix you might need a custom overlay, what screens would you be using? It also depends what you want to show on the wall as this is a big factor towards the PC running the videowall.

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Hi @cullenb

Most commercial grade samsung displays have a built in videowall function, which use HDMI-IN / HDMI-OUT ports in daisy chain so you wont need the external UHD device; we have used IR frames as big as 7x2 mts running with intuiface smoothly.

So yes, you just need a miniPC with 1 HDMI port & a USB for the IR Frame.


That is music to my ears Mauricio. Thank you for that information. I really appreciate it.