Video queue from Headless CMS

My client’s AV integrator wants to know if it is possible for our client to use IntuiFace’s Headless CMS to upload new videos without getting us involved OR if there is a digital signage player that interfaces with IntuiFace via IntuiFace Asset. I told them I didn’t think this was possible, but that I would check to make absolutely sure.

Hello @cullenb,

Yes it is possible to have your client add items to a HCMS base. To do this you can invite them to your base and give them Content access. There is more info on this here. They will need to create an account but this will not cost anything extra.


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Thanks, Ryan! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

And, no I have not seen that. Very cool! I still need to watch Iron Blooded Orphans and The Witch from Mercury. I’m so behind on Gundam having to work Saturdays to keep my department’s head above water. :frowning:

My client’s AV integrator is all over the place making suggestions without conferring with us ahead of time and now he wants to know if there’s some kind of API for Creston LED tiles.

I’m watching the HCMS training video series currently and I think it might be our best option, but I’ve got to get through the series first to know for sure.

In the mean time, is it safe to shoot down the API suggestion as a way to externally push new videos into an IntuiFace experience?


It is possible to use an API as a data feed source. So you could get video files from an API, but there are limitations:

I do see that Crestron has an API, but I am not familiar with it. When I looked at the documentation I did not see mention of a way to handle videos.

If you were to use HCMS for videos:

  • Filtering is handled more intuitively within Composer
  • HCMS base is synced/saved locally, so if there is poor internet connection the experience will still function.

Once you complete the HCMS training, let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks, Ryan. This is what I had suspected, but I really appreciate you verifying this so that I may objectively make the case for why HCMS is a better solution.

I have completed the HCMS training. This is great stuff. I’m so happy with this added functionality. It couldn’t have been introduced at a better time considering our client’s need to change videos weekly or even daily.

I will let you know if I have any other questions after we dig into it. Have a great day!

Hi Cullen,

About the Crestron LED tiles, do you have more information about the kind of API your customer is looking for and for what purpose?

To my knowledge, these tiles are “just a display” that will display a video signal sent through a dedicated controller. If you have any media player that ouputs a video signal (your Intuiface XP) to that controller, I’m not sure what other kind of API you would need, unless your customer wants to control that controller through an API (EX: change brightness, turn tiles off, etc…)

Let us know if you can get a bit more information on that topic.


Thanks, Seb. No worries regarding the API. I’m certain the HCMS will be more than adequate considering the usage scenario.