Video Playback Issue: Watermark appearing over video


Hello! I’ve got an issue that has popped up. When playing back a video, at the start of the video, an image appears in the middle of all of the videos. It will fade out about 1 second into the video. I’m running V5.4.0 currently. I’ve tried multiple different settings, and variations, but it doesn’t seem to go away. Thoughts?


So you want the Image to disappear? or fade out from the video? Or even simply by removing the image.

Please can you be more clear, So we can try and help you resolve the issue.

Things to check.

  • Animation Timings
  • Image Button’s (Make sure there is not any Actions/Triggers being activated once the video starts to play.)
  • Image Visibility.

Kind Regards



I will work on checking these, thanks!



You should disable “Show usage animation” property at scene level. To find this property:

  • click on the Scene
  • open Properties Panel
  • select the “Behavior” tab.