Video play, pause, skip, return

I successfully added touch triggers to alternatively play or pause the video (without the controllers) but when I want to do the same for double tap, to skip to a specific point in the time line, double tap only registers the last entry, i.e. like with my play, pause scenario where the video alternatively play or pause when I tap it, when I double tap, it only jumps to one point in the timeline, i.e. it doesn’t alternate between jumping to the different points I specified.
I assumed by adding more than one action to an event, Intuiface will sequentially execute the next action when the same event occurs (like it does with my play and pause actions). Is this a bug or should it be done differently?
(The reason I don’t want to use the controls is that it needs an extra tap each time to display before you can use it and I prefer it not shown in the first place)

Hi @p.naude,

When you setup a trigger, all the associated actions will be achieved, each time the trigger is raised.

In your case, I think you need different triggers, or maybe conditional triggers.
Something like When the video is tapped and if Video → current time is greater than 00:00:05 Then do something.

Or you could set a global variable showing the cheesy time you’ve jumped to and put a conditional trigger on that?

Thanks, that makes sense!

I will try that also, thanks.