Video Performance Needs a Boost

Would like to see a better video player in Intuiface. Performance definitely is degraded when playing in the application, verses playing direct from desktop. Windows media player or VLC player play videos fine outside of Intuiface, but same video played within Intuiface plays laggy.

I have created single scene test app to simplify things. I have gone all the way to 1500kbps bit rates on test videos and it really makes no difference. I have tried WMP and VLS settings in the app and it makes no real difference.

Sadly, the only real difference is running the application on a big server with 1080TI graphics card. Unfortunately, the trade show that will be running 30 some kiosks with this application cannot house 30 enormous servers and fans. This needs to play videos smoothly on a smaller unit.

This unit: does not run the videos smoothly, but I NEED it to as this is the form factor that will fit in the 30 some kiosk panels we have for the show.

Anybody else have this issue? Any ideas?

Hey there,

Maybe our support can check your experience and your video first ? a 1080TI to play a video seems a bit overkill indeed :). Such as the codec and encoding profile of your videos etc…

For small form factor media player, you may have a look at the IPC - Industrial Grade PC - brands such as IBASE, Axiomtek, AOpen, Shuttle, Advantech, IEI etc… some may be more expensive than Consumer grade PC, as - similar to LCD’s - IPC players are meant for higher longevity, longer support and 24/7 usages.

IBASE SI-614 which we have listed here and will test soon has similar form factor than this HP and can fit an NVidia MXM up to GTX 1080. (yet, still a bit overkill for a kiosk usage imho as that media player was meant to be used for 4 video outputs)

If I see anything else, I’ll let you know.

Hi @tedc,

First, I’d recommend you to contact our support team and share your test experience / video with them so they can guide you precisely.

Second, I’d like to remind all the community that rendering a video in an upright fixed window like in any desktop media player (WMP or VLC) is not exactly the same thing than rendering a video in a container that can be moved, rotated and resized on the fly.
I know that you might not be using these features, but on the Windows platform, because Intuiface enables to do such manipulations, it can’t use the same rendering techniques than other “classic” media player softwares.

That being said, the team is working on this, and depending on your use case / setup, they might have a solution for you.

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Found an other similar model for you (can fit a MXM up to 1050) ; eBOX671-521-FL

But yeah, speaking to our support first & sharing your exp would be good.