Video folder does not run automatically

I have a video folder at an address on the company’s internal network.
I put this folder to run when there is idle use of the experiment.
But the video does not play automatically.

I also can’t change the properties of this data feed at runtime.
I would not want to embed the video fixedly in my application as this will slow the deployment and make it difficult for the marketing team to maintain content.
Using a spreadsheet would also limit content maintenance to having to keep the spreadsheet every time content changes.

I ended up creating a media table in Airtable to run it from the cloud.
But now I have another problem running the “ends” Video event from the collection to start the next video:
When it comes to the last video in the collection, the “Next” item doesn’t exist and I don’t know how to restart it, I don’t know how to loop the collection.
I didn’t find a dynamic property for that.

Are you able to share a screenshot of your experience, have you looked at the auto-scroll feature? have a look here Common-Collection-Properties

If not i would start a request with the support team Submit a new request

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Thank you @Louie_Smith.
I believe these options will suit me right now.

Even so, I still have problems.

This solution will not be supported outside of windows.

So before I got your help I made a media collection alternative from Airtable.
But yesterday I had problems with streaming video quality.
It must be some compression or bandwidth limitation of the server.
Video becomes defective in the image when it is rotated from the cloud.
I thought Intuiface did some local caching, but that seems not to be the case.
Can you tell me what happens?
Today has not happened anymore.

I have more problems. Now with “Autoscroll” enabled.

The property “Item display duration” cannot be disabled and any value there will interfere with the display of the videos.
This property overwrites the currently playing video by skipping to the next video before the previous one ends.
So she doesn’t fit me.

I then tried to manually control the “Ends” video event by scrolling to the next video, but it didn’t work, nothing happened.

I get out of one problem and fall into another.

Any idea?

Another problem that happens:

I removed the event from the “Ends” video and let the collection play automatically.
She does play one video after another, but has a serious execution issue:

For some reason the automatic transition is anticipated and when the next video starts it still had to play the end of the previous video.
When this previous video plays back in the playlist it continues where it left off and only plays a few seconds, obviously, until its correct ending.
Then comes back the previous video and thus one of the videos ends up being deleted.

What a strange situation.

When I enable “Automatic refresh” = 30s or each time the screen saver videos open, the collection only plays the first video. Ever.
I wanted the collection to update its content automatically because it is in the cloud on AirTable.
If I add or remove a video from there, nothing happens in my experiment playlist.
It looks like Intuiface uses a local cache, and I don’t know when it will fetch it from the cloud again.

In edit mode in Composer and also in API Explorer I have 3 videos.
But when I run my experience only presents the first 2.
I can not understand when the player updates the cloud content.
And I can’t do it manually either, as it causes Autoscroll to stop

When I close and open the experiment again, everything seems to work normally.
I’m thinking I’ll have to reload the experience every day at 0:00 for things to work.

But I am not very comfortable with this solution.

@schumannlabs- Whew! With so many problems, I think it might be time to hit up Intuiface’s Support, as @Louie_Smith suggested. They’re wonderful and very helpful. :slight_smile: