Video blacks lift, gamma shift?

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We are adding some videos to our experience with some black blacks. Images with the same blacks appear fine, but with the videos the blacks appear to be lifted? I am using VLC media player to play these videos in Intuiface, and I know its not the monitor because before it starts playing we get a brief frame of how it is supposed to look. Does anyone have tips? Whether it be video compression or settings in Intuiface, much appreciated.


Thanks for the details, If you have access to modify the device’s settings, please tweak the following:

    NVIDIA Control Panel → Advanced → Dynamic range → Full (0-255)
  • For ATI GPU
    Catalyst Control Center → Advanced Color → Dynamic Range → Full (0-255)
  • For Intel HD GPU
    Intel HD Graphics Control Panel → Video → Basic → Input Range → Driver Settings → Full

To give you more details, the problem is most likely related to the video’s color export settings. Most video files use a studio color range between 16 to 255. The values on your device for video rendering may be set to this value (16-255). As a result, a video created using an extended color range from 0 to 255 may display with harsh contrast and/or inaccurate contrast rendering. This might explain the difference you are seeing. Intuiface uses the color range set by the device’s settings.

For more details, you can check the following HC article (Addressing White Balance and Contrast) section:

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Hi Mihai,

This solved it wonderfully! Thank you.

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