Video autoplay auto loop enabled but pauses randomly

I have made a application that has a holding screen with video
The video is set to autoplay and auto loop
But sometimes the video pauses and only white screen is shown.

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.
Also I have set a timeout so in any screen the kiosk app returns to holding screen after 2minutes

How big are you videos what file type are they?,is this on Android or Windows?

Player OS : Android
MP4 video size : 13mb (30s video)
1080p resolution

I tried changing autoloop option to using timeline to loop but still same issue.
I even excluded the scene for timeout event so it won’t be affected.

Have you tried rendering a smaller video? “Bitrate” as with Andriod as I have had in the past needs to be quite a low bitrate video. Also change the video player option to VLC instead of WMP

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Hi @PQuest,

If you want the Intuiface Team to help you in the most efficient way, you need to contact our support team here.




Why do you need a 1080p resolution? 720p displays as good. Did you try the webm format instead of mp4 ? Android plays better with webm i think.

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it was an issue with hardware. we recieved support from intuiface and had to implement a workaround