Video application and/or integration

I need the viewer to have the ability to record a video and save it to the kiosk (windows).

currently the web cam assett cannot record videos

Never done it before, but perhaps you could try using the Launch Application function to open a screen recording software such as Snagit by exe path. Or, you could use AutoHotkey to call the key-combo for the recording mode. Then all the user needs to do is press the record button that pops up.

You’ll need to figure out the other details after that, such as a smooth way to save the recorded video and allow the next visitor. I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully this points you in the right direction. Good luck!

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Yes I know. I’m trying to find a solution or someone who can do it.

Yes, the launch app is a possibility but I don’t know of a video app that has/or lets you only record and save without having access to all of the other features. As well, it would need to cover the entire windows desktop so you cannot see it and/or have access to the computer. I’m not familiar with the AutoHotkey as I’m new to Intuiface with this being my first kiosk development. I appreciate your suggestions and help.


One idea springs to mind is to have OBS running in the background.

In the XP I would create a button to trigger OBS to record the video and a button to trigger to stop recording, when the recording is stopped I would make the save location the location of an asset grid collection mapped to a folder. This will bring the recordings into Intuiface and from that point you should be able to do whatever you like with the video.

Inside Intuiface I would use the OBS Virtual webcam as this will give you a view of what you are recording.

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Thanks for the input Louie. Is this something you could put together and test? I’m new to Intuiface and this is my first project. So this is beyond my skill set. I would gladly compensate you for it if it is a viable solution. Please let me know…



Here’s a quick video showing the process on recording with OBS and using it as a virtual webcam at the same time.

So what you can see here is that I am using a Webcam asset in Intuiface and selecting the virtual webcam of OBS, then create a collection just map it to any folder for now.

Create two simple scripts with Autohot key, compile them and create a trigger and action for both buttons to open the compiled script.

Open up OBS, make sure the save video folder is the folder mapped in the collection inside Intuiface. In the settings of OBS create two key binds in my case {A} for recording {B} stop recording. When you press Record it obviously records the video “Webcam”. When Stop Recording is pressed it will end the recording and save the video to the location of the collection thus importing directly into the experience.

From then onwards you can either share it via USB or as an Email attachment if needed.

Programs used:

  • OBS
  • Autohotkey

I will share the XP within due course.

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Thank you Louie, I appreciate it.

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