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Vertical Timeline Collection for portrait oriented experiences.


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@j-geis As a work around to having an asset specifically for this - are you familiar with the Example XP that shows parallax movements?

I’ve built timelines of my own with this functionality that in my opinion, work better since they are created for your own specific needs.

I find it works best to have a slider-rectangle that is your input for all the parallax movements. Then create your time categories, and place invisible rectangles over them. Use the parallax movement to animate the whole timeline and other assets, then set triggers on slider rectangle: when slider rectangle is dropped on invisible rectangle A, set slider rectangles’ position to the invisible rectangle it was dropped on. This allows your slider to “snap” to each time category you created. Repeat for each time category. For added bonus, you can have other actions - such pictures or videos appear when your slider is dropped on certain times. You should have a nice looking timeline of your own design then.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Sliding button - Imagine a volume slider

Great Tip! Thanks for the advice.


Unfortunately, Intuiface limits the amount of vertical space you have to add content in this scenario.


@j-geis Do you mean the size of an item is limited? It took me a lot of playing around, but there’s settings and ways to make the canvas most likely large enough for what you need.

A couple of things that I learned:

  • When talking about limitations the main one is the size of your ‘scrolling asset’…ie; the asset that the user moves, which all the other assets are bound to. The size of an asset is limited, but you can set it to be larger in it’s properties.
  • I don’t believe there are limitations for the output assets…which are all the ones that move when the user moves the scrolling asset. If there are, I think they can be sized over 30,000 pixels in height to stay in the view of your editing canvas. If you need more space than that, I wonder if there’s a better way to show the content? Maybe splitting your timeline up into multiple categories, and either button-triggering them, or using the page-style parallax to trigger them when they get to certain position on the screen. The user may not even realize if you have multiple timelines layered on each other, and they are only triggered to show when the previous one is ending.