Version 6 TagID



Just recently updated to version 6. Urgently require some help on getting the TagID in the new version of intuiface. This was automated in version 5. Instructions to help with the new update are at best a bit flakey. Has anyone found a quick and easy solution to get the NFC tags working and recognised in the new version

fingers crossed




I have uploaded for you an IntuIFace experience that will show you the TagID of each of your approached tags. Extract the package and run the attached experience. (2.7 MB)

Please note that TagID only works with IntuiFace x32bits. It will not work if you are using IntuIFace x64bits.



A big thank you.

Thanks for the quick response and the GetTagID detection. It was the 64bit version that was the issue. Might be worth making users more aware of 64bit incompatability



I also found this new limitation in the 64bit version.
So I have implemented the new message is received trigger but this introduces new problems in that I now have to have a 3rd party application open in the background to actually understand when my NFC tag is presented and also now every time a tag is read it opens a new browser tab so you can end up with literally hundreds of tabs open in the background.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this the way its supposed to work?

Really bad news that 64bit does not work properly with NFC readers. I hope this issue is fixed quickly as the message received mode seems to have some drawbacks for me at least.


Hi @texley ,

You might have encountered a different issue. Can you please open a ticket on Please provide us as much details as possible. Our team will take it from there.