V6.6.1 release notes

“Support for display walls comprised of individual touch screens (instead of having a single, large touch overlay). Here’s looking at you, DISPLAX.”

Can some one elaborate on what support is now provided? My setup is 4 individual touch screens and and XPs work “fine” already. Is it all behind the scenes or are there some new settings/features involved.

Thank you!

Hi Brian @Hootie,

Up to now, Intuiface Player for Windows had a limitation related to multi touch screens, meaning multiple USB inputs for the same Player. You couldn’t have multiple touch points from multiple screens at the same time. You could have multiple touch points from one of these screens at a time though, and depending on your usage scenario, it might have worked well for you.

This is now solved and will enable to build awesome multi-touch / multi-user experiences on nice video walls hardware like Displax Tile (multiple PCAP screens). They helped our team with the tests on their hardware, hence the reference in Geoff’s release notes :wink:

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AWESOME! I noticed this limitation from the start. The team running the boards continually throughout the day (as many as 4 people at a time) have to wait there turn depending on what screen they are working with.

They gonna love this! Thank you. I thought is was my machine honestly.

My screens are Flatfrog (in glass IR) not PCAP. Hope they work the same. I will find out soon enough!

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Let us know how it works on your screens and if you can, share a picture of your setup with us here :wink:

Sure thing.

Well, I can now move objects on different screens at the same time. But, only 2 screens are responding to inputs through IF. They do respond to Windows gestures.

Should I raise a help ticket?

The frequency adjustment is cool.

Yes, please contact our support team about this since it might be specific to your Flatfrog hardware.

Thanks for reporting it.