UX bug CMS Permission

Hello IF Team,

I just want to share with you a little visual bug that happened with me.
I was preparing to set a new database for some tests with the new CMS, and then this happened.

The “create a new database” button was not there, at first I’ve thought some chrome extension was blocking the button for some reason, then I disabled all extensions and the problem still persists. Then I went to MS Edge and still no solution. After that, me and my dev team were trying to figure it out what could it be.

The “solution” was, my account was not able to create an database since I’m a “children level” account, my “parent” account was able, then he created the data base and shared with me.

There’s no real problem, but since I was getting an illustration with an arrow saying that I should create a new database, I was not getting why the button was not being displayed.

If only parent accounts can create the db, I suggest you should change the illustration and the message explaining why second level acconts can’t create one.


Probably best to create a support ticket rather posting it on here :+1:


Hi @Ihnder,

Thanks for the feedback. As Louie suggested, please send any future feedback directly to our support team here, that’ll be easier and more efficient for our team to track.

Regarding your point, it’s indeed a current limitation of the H-CMS, see details here: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406850053778-Intuiface-Headless-CMS-Known-Limitations#3-h-cms-use-with-secondary-accounts

I agree that the visual should be different and will notify our H-CMS team.