Using tab button on a physical keyboard to move through text fields


So I’ve built out a form for our guests to fill out, but I’ve found that intuiface does not let the tab button “tab through” the different text fields like it usually works on a regular website form. This might be something super simple that I am not seeing, but is there a way to do this on intuiface?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chris,

A website is usually meant to be used on a personal device, PC or MAC where the keyboard has a Tab key. When using a website on a mobile device, which implies a touch screen, you usually don’t have that Tab key on the keyboard and you just click on the next field with your finger.
The same mechanism applies to IntuiFace, which is an interactive application creation tool, mostly meant for touch screens, and not a website builder :slight_smile:

Having said this, it does happen on some mobile devices that recognize a multi-entry form that 2 buttons “next & previous field” are added on top of they keyboard. That could be a nice enhancement for IntuiFace and you should post this request in our Wishlist caategory.



Thanks for your input. Our first version of our interactive used the touch screen keyboard but due to the way the monitor was mounted and also the information the user needed to enter, it became too cumbersome to use. This is why for version 2.0 of our interactive we’ve decided to use a physical keyboard instead of the on screen one. Thanks for the help, I have another related question but I think I’ll start another thread for it.