Using superscripts in linked Excel sheets




I have linked several Excel sheets to my Intuiface file which works well. However, I have implemented superscripts into my Excel file which are transferred into Intuiface as normal text (without the superscript). Is there any fix for this so I can have them appear as superscripts?

Many thanks


When you mean super scripts do you mean a macro?


see screenshot below


Hi Marta,

The thing i could suggest to try is put the sheet in IF and then copy and paste the contents of the sheet before the import into the imported sheet in IF.

Maybe try contacting support or ask some of the support staff on here @Alex or @Seb




Hello Marta,

Unfortunately, we do not retrieve styling from Excel cells, content only is pulled/pushed.

A workaround could be to set your superscript formatted elements in a new separated column and to do the styling in you scene through a dedicated Text Asset.




Thanks for your help, i will try a workaround