Using Intuiface in Demo-Mode

In our ShowCenter we have 2 stations on which we show Intuiface demos. I have the computers automatically boot, log in and start Intuiface player so that our sales people and consultants can do the customer meetings as easy as possible. When the Intuiface players are running, they show the appropriate selection of all the demos given freely … when a demo is selected and it is closed (Overall experience → Exit), the staff has to start the Intuiface player again to get back to the demo selection … is there perhaps already a more elegant solution here? Is it possible to show the “Show Experiences Panel” window instead of exiting the player?

Greez, Mike C.

Hello @mike.kunz,

The Exit action will close Player. So if you use this then you will need to relaunch Player.

From your description it sounds like you need to access multiple experiences. To do this I would suggest combining all of the experiences into one experience and have a Main/Home page that allows you to move between them.
Here is a help article on copying content between multiple instances of Composer. Doing this will allow you to copy entire scenes from one experience to another.

If you need anymore assistance I would suggest reaching out to us on support, there we will ask you to share the experience(s) you are looking to combine/access.


Hello Ryan

Thanks for your answers, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for … a separate experience in which all XPs are included would mean maintenance work on my part … I’m trying to prevent that. I will then probably prefer to start a .CMD when exiting the XP, which will restart the Intuiface player with a time delay …

Thanks, Mike C.

Hi Mike,

On the top of my head there are two options that spring to mind,

  • For each experience, you can add a button with the Launch Application action to open the Player again and close the currently viewed experience. You will need to create this button on every experience that you want to show in your ShowCenter.

  • Use a third-party program, such as a process watcher or application watcher, to monitor Player executable/process and ensure it is always running. If it is closed, the program should automatically relaunch the Player, providing you with the Experience panel - Make sure you have this option selected in the Management Console to display the Experience panel:

Kind Regards


Hello Louie

hmm … good ideas … when I tried to restart the player before the “exit” yesterday, I didn’t succeed … figured it wasn’t possible to open the player more than once … but I’ll be happy to look at that again …

I didn’t know about the “Process Watcher” yet … also an interesting approach …

Thanks Louie