Using Intuiface for office information screens

Hello! I was wondering if you can use Intuiface as CMS for the information screens we use in our office. Right now we are using a program which has quite a lot of limitations and are looking for a new one so we can communicate more creatively.

Hi Dorien,
You can make content modifications through the use of Airtable or Excel for organizing content, or as CMS, without having to access to the Composer – providing smart ways to design your content especially in the cases of catalogues and libraries. Airtable being a cloud solution can even serve as a simple CMS where you can provide an employee/client with login access to change an image, a text or a price.
I suggest we take this offline to another channel so I can understand your needs better and advise accordingly. I will reach out directly shortly.


@Dorien, if you are looking at doing this on one system, then yes excel works well, but if you want it across multiple systems, then as mgill mentioned, you would need an online CMS like Airtable

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