Using Headless CMS, how do I make a collection act as multiple subpages in a scene (including a menu)

My end goal is that I want to use the Headless CMS to define items, and have a menu to select the item. I pretty much have this part done. The only issue I’m having now is in the menu. I can’t set the checked state of a toggle button to true if that menu item is selected. I also want to default to the first item being selected. It seems it would be possible if I could bind converter parameters, but it doesn’t seem like that’s something we can do. I also looked into creating my own interface assets and value converted, but I don’t see a way to access the data in an interface asset collection.

I found a solution. Albeit not a desirable one.

  1. Create a global variable and assign it the value of 0.1
  2. Duplicate the HCMS asset
  3. Add an action to the button:
    • WHEN Timer has elapsed
      • Bind duration to the global variable (because 0.1 isn’t a valid value … for reasons)
      • Add a conditional
        • IF [self].[Item ID] equals [Duplicated HCMS collection item 1].[Item ID]
    • THEN check self

Like I said, not ideal, but it does work.

Hi Kyle and welcome to the Intuiface user community.

For such questions, although you may get the help from our other users, it might be best if you create a support ticket (link here) and talk directly to our team, as we’ll probably ask you to share your experience / an access to your H-CMS base with us to better guide you, without sharing all this information publicly.