Using Facebook 3D posts to promote your IntuiFace business

Facebook recently introduced #3D posts. These posts allow users to interact with responsive 3D media inside of their Facebook newsfeed. To celebrate this new platform, our agency Tosolini Productions created a cube-shaped company #infographic. Each side of the cube, representing a core business strength, can be explored by clicking and dragging within the post window.

The new system leverages the #glTF 2.0 file format, which is positioned as a universal standard for 3D models - just like the JPG or PNG file formats for images. While there are several limitations in the current implementation, we are excited about how this new type of post can tell stories and connect with audiences.

Follow this link and spin the 3D infographic to find the IntuiFace side.

#business #storytelling


Paolo, I had to ask. Did you try loading your glTF model into IntuiFace? Officially, that format is in our supported but not tested column.

Actually, the 3D asset viewer in IntuiFace doesn’t seem to recognize this format, probably because of the file suffix, which is what Facebook wants. Anyway, I’m linking it here so you can test it.

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Hi Paolo @tosolini

Good news for you, among the 6.4.1 release notes, there’s something for you related to this thread :wink:

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Very nice! I just tested it, thanks for extending the 3D asset support.

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