Using Drag & Drop Feature to Populate a List

Hello! This is my first post; I’m new to the forums. I apologize in advance if I’ve put this in the wrong place. (Please be nice to the noob.)

I am creating an XP that has users create their membership to a professional association.This XP is a demo for a client in which potential members can see how easy it is to get a FREE membership. The client wants users to be able to find cost share activities from a list, then select which activities they are interested in, and a tally will show when they have achieved a free membership because they’ve selected enough cost shares.

I have three columns: first column shows the divisions/“topics” of cost shares, second column has the cost shares associated with the “topic”, third column should keep a running list of which cost shares the user chooses.

So ideally, the user should choose a topic, a submenu comes out, they choose a cost share, and that will populate a list. At the bottom, dollars will be added from $0 until the dollars equal that membership level’s price (in this case, a silver membership = $15,000) at which point, the price will turn into text saying “free”.

I’ve got the added complexity that many cost shares have options- you can count a cost share multiple times, depending on how many of your employees are attending a function, for example, or you can do a cost share up to 3x per year- that I will have to use to multiply a selected cost share before it is added to the grand total.

So far, I have an asset grid for the first column. User selects a topic and an item picker appears with all of the cost shares associated with that topic. Now comes the hard part!

I put an item picker in the 3rd column to hold the running list of selected cost shares because I like how it can keep an index in focus, and previous indices will fade into the background until the user wants to scroll through them.

I’m testing out putting a trigger on one of the cost shares so that when that cost share is dragged from column 2 and dropped onto column 3, that cost share appears on the list, and it is in focus.
I want any previous selected cost shares to fade into the background, and any succeeding cost shares to push the current one out of place. I also want the option that the cost shares appear on the list in the order that the user picks them, not in the order that they are listed (i.e. when they pick #5 as their first choice, that topic is placed in the first spot, not in the fifth spot), so I’ve set up an Excel spreadsheet that has a column that the cost shares will populate as they are selected.

As soon as an item is dropped onto column 3, I have a background button that has a tap simulated. It adds 1 to a Simple Counter. This number is used to tell both the Excel document and the item picker in the 3rd column in the scene what cost share is in focus. I have a trigger that should force the text of the selected cost share to the running column in Excel (it adds to the next row in the column by using the simple counter number). I then have the item picker in the scene pull that text from Excel and put that into a text box, using a binding.

But it doesn’t seem to work so far. Argh! So frustrating. I drag and drop an item from the 2nd column onto the 3rd, but nothing shows up in the 3rd column at all. I also put a trigger that is supposed to close the “open” cost share after it has been dropped so that it won’t hang out over top of the running list. But alas, it doesn’t close.

If you need more information in order to help me, please let me know. I hope that what I’ve written makes sense. :slight_smile:

I haven’t even thought about the math involved yet to add up all the cost shares, including multiplying options to their corresponding cost shares, yikes. But I’ve got columns set up in Excel for that as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!


If you want i could a look?

This would need for you to share the XP.

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That would be awesome! Thank you for your time.

(I hope I’m putting this in right…)

Hi Megan,

Are you able to send the project files?

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Does the second column have to be inside an item picker?

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No, I suppose not. I think I was just thinking “Item Picker… well, they’re picking cost shares from a list, so why not?” Would an asset grid be better?