Using Beacons to Display Customer Names

The Use Case:
I’m creating a touch-screen experience for an Executive Briefing Center. Part of the magic is slipping an Eddystone beacon into the back of the visitors nametags, to give the touch screen a personal touch when they walk up to it. The goal is to have this screen display “Hello, <visitor’s name>” which is easy enough.

The Issue:
What do you do when you have multiple visitors step up to the screen? My current fix is to have the name display in a fixed point (as seen in this gif). However, this doesn’t look sleek to me, and doesn’t implement any of the Asset collection features.

The Ask:
How do I have Intuiface prioritize the name on screen based on who steps up the screen?
If Bruce Wayne steps up to the screen first, followed by Wally West, I’d like to have Wally West’s name appear second. Let’s say Bruce Wayne needs to step away to his next meeting, then I’d like Wally West’s name to appear in spot number 1. (Something like this gif)

Any thoughts on how to create this? Should I move this to wishlist?

Hi @CorbinH

You would need to have some sort of proximity-based beacon, But i am not sure on how accurate it will be, one alternative would be to use a phidget PIR sensor. This is assuming that the person closest is the person who’s name will be at the top of the list you will need to use a variable to change the positioning of the names.

Unless there is something inside the asset you might want to create your own REST API or .NET asset.

Kind Regards


Hi @Promultis,

Thanks for the advice. My goal is to use a RadBeacon or similar BLE beacon with the Beacon Detection tool.

However, my goal is to display the text as seen in the second gif when the beacon gets within range via binding. I would like the text to be prioritized so that the user that first gets within range would have their name at the top (like in the second gif). My question is more focused on text/asset collections as opposed to BLE beacons.

Hi Corbin,

If I try to rephrase your need, you need “something” where you can dynamically add / remove a text (the visitor name) that generates a list of items to be displayed within a collection.
Although you’re not going to “buy them”, the answer might be the Shopping List. You can dynamically “add an item” (a person) when the beacon is detected, then “remove an item” when the beacon is lost.
You’ll get the list of “persons added to the list”, sorted by order of appearance.



That is a fantastic idea. Thanks for the help, Seb!