Using AI generated images to promote your interactive experiences

I’ve been playing with DALL·E 2, which is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language (called prompts). This R&D project by OpenAI is quite amazing, and you can define various art styles for your imaginative output.

I put it to test to see how far I could push it to create a series of images related to a potential Intuiface business. Here are some fun examples with the corresponding prompts:

Isometric 3d illustration of an expo booth, with several displays, visitors using touch screens

A person interacting with a touch screen at a tradeshow, 3d render

A person interacting with a touch screen, ancient Egyptian mural

DALL·E has recently opened up their waitlist to the public. Meanwhile, take a look at this e-book with several tips for successful AI image creation.


I have been on the wait list for a couple weeks. Hoping I get in soon. This looks like a fun service/technology to mess around with. Especially since I am not a designer by any stretch of the imagination :stuck_out_tongue:


While waiting for DALL·E opening slots, feel free to check :wink:


Dall-E 2 does a really great job at photorealism, but I’ve also found it’s great for editing images. You can import a PNG, erase a section you don’t like, and Dall-E 2 will fill in the erased area. At 10 cents per 4 generations, it’s totally worth the cost of credits for this feature alone. Unlike other text-to-image generators, it handles objects in perspective a lot better, and seems to understand scale with the placement of objects at various distances.

I started off with Disco Diffusion, and it’s really fun, but it takes a lot longer to get generations. But you have custom control over dimensions and you can run queues that run for hours, which Dall-E 2 does not do. It’s also much more DIY in nature, in that you’ve got access to a lot of variables that you can tweak, and custom trained models you can import.

In between these in terms of ease-of-use versus control is MidJourney, which produces more painterly and concept art results than Dall-E 2, and out-of-box does a better job with people, faces, hands, etc. It’s ability to mimic different drawing and painting styles exceeds Dall-E 2 imho.

I’m excited to try Stable Diffusion once I get some spare time. From what I’ve seen, it’s outperforming everything else that’s out there, and it’s open source. The price point is a quarter of Dall-E 2’s, while offering the customization of Disco Diffusion, but with sliders and a nice UI.

I’ve already used Dall-E 2 for images in my IntuiFace experiences, where I needed an image to be twice as wide to work in a certain area, and I’ve let it fill in the other half of an empty space in a PNG photograph. As the guy from Two Minute Papers says, “What a time to be alive.” :smile:


As an example, here’s some concept art that I’m doing for a friend’s movie. These are the bedrooms of a couple of highschoolers that are main characters. Dall-E 2’s ability to handle perspective and lighting is quite impressive.

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AI wins state fair art contest, annoys humans | Ars Technica :slight_smile:
But on the other hand … Why Dall-E will not steal my job as an illustrator | Medium


A bit off topic but … AI colorizer, just tested, VERY impressive.

And from the people that brought DALL·E 2 … Whisper, Speech Recognition IA, open-source


Wow, impressive systems. So much to explore here. Thanks!

Adding one more :wink: AI Background Generator

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Meh, sometimes AI is nice, sometimes it’s better to get the real ones :stuck_out_tongue:

compared to

@seb wins this argument hands down :slight_smile: