Urgent: Reg HTML files loading on tablet



We are building a tablet application and are trying to use a HTML file locally using the Web Browser tool in Intuiface.
It seems to work fine in the local PC with the Composer where the application is done, but fails to load when published on the cloud. While downloading the Experience to another PC with Composer capabilities, the HTML files is missing.
Kindly advice on how to resolve this issue


@shameer When you used your local HTML file did you put it inside the contents of the project folder.

My best advice is to either try that and double check that you have placed it inside the folder or host it on a FTP server and access the file that way.

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Hi @shameer,

We did receive the project you shared again with the support team 2 hours ago. We are currently analyzing it and will come back to you, through the private support thread you opened, as soon as possible.



Hello Louie,We have placed the html files within the Intuiface Files folder itself. We need it to work offline rather than go online as this tablet would not be connected to the internet.


Thank you Seb


Hi Seb,
Any chance you can share the learning from this thread - we are looking to achieve the same thing - ie access locally stored HTML files, via use of HTML asset, on tablet (in our case iPad Air 2), but accessed when offline (ie no “live” internet connect to player).

Have HTML files working a treat on Tablet Player in Composer, but all falls down when we preview / Publish via Cloud - looks like supporting files are not being uploaded…?

Any help much appreciated…



Hi @lee1,

At the moment, the only way to display local HTML content on a tablet is through the HTML Asset. It means all the HTML / Javascript / CSS has to be put directly within the HTML asset properties since you won’t be able to reference local files.

We have an enhancement task in our roadmap to make this web-browser / excel based solution available on tablets but I don’t have any release date to give you about this one.



Hi Seb,
Thanks for your reply.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my request, (or I don’t quite understand your response). We have used HTML Asset, and the HTML script (such as it is - very short) is placed within the asset properties.

It’s basically an image viewer (sequence of stills to create a High Poly-CGi, pre-rendered product spin).
The HTML calls these stills to give the effect of user interacting with object.

So my question is really - where do we place the referenced content folder (ie the image stills that are called via the HTML script), so that it gets uploaded via cloud, and pulled over to iPad when installing the experience via cloud, to iPad? In local testing using Absolute path, placing this content within the Intuiface Web folder, for example, we can access the content when running the experience (Tablet Mode Player, Windows Composer), but if we try same via Wifi Preview, for example, we get a blank window where the content should be, (assuming that is because the referenced content is not available locally on the iPad itself as it’s not been transferred over).

I’ve seen other conversations on the forums where people have modified the IFX file itself to get content across / referenced and onto tablets, but was keen to avoid having to take that route, ideally…

Can you confirm?



Hi Lee,

Sorry if my answer wasn’t clear enough. Currently, you can’t reference such images to be used / accessed from the HTML asset while running a Player for tablet (iPad or Android).

I’ll forward this thread to our product team to see if I can get a timeframe for the enhancement feature I mentioned that would solve your issue.



Hi Seb,
Having re-read your initial reply I think your’e clear enough - it’s me who didn’t think it through!

Would greatly appreciate getting some kind of time frame for this - so many of our projects are unfortunately not able to access the internet once live (yes such environments do still exist on our planet!), but of course our clients don’t quite understand why they can’t enjoy the same functionality without access to it.

Cheers for now,


Hi @lee1,

I talked to our product manager and this issue is tightened to a wider work package. I can’t commit to any time frame but I can tell it will probably not be less than 3 - 6 months.



Hi Seb,
Appreciate you taking the time to do that. Of course a little disappointing to hear it could take as long as 6 months to see this capability become available.