Updating the content library?


I went into the C:\Users\Nicholas\Documents\IntuiFace\My_Experience\Files\Images and reduced the image size of a lot of images. When I went back to the composer I noticed that the same images are still in their original filesize? Is there a quick way to update the content library? Or do I have to manually replace each image with the newer version of itself?

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i usually came across this problem doing it this way, the compressed files dont go into the cloud when published if you do it this way, as the file name remains the same and intuiface thinks there’s no change. I needed to go into composer and replace the file there, a bit painful but that worked

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Oke thanks a lot!

@nicholas.vanbeylen, you might want to close Composer and open it again, so that the session cache is cleared and the images you manually replaced in the folder are loaded. You can then do a save and publish the project.



Thank you!