Updating Android Player Remotely



We are in the process of doing a very large deployment of Android players. Once they’re in the field, is there any reason to update the player software? if so, is there a convenient way to do that remotely?


Hi Chuck,

Reasons to update your Android Players are: bugfixes and new features, we are pretty active on these, always keeping our product evolving!

To keep your player up-to-date, you have to set it up directly on the device as any Android App, details here: Update your Android apps.




Does this also work with the “protected” player which is located at https://android.intuiface.com/protected and not on the Play Store?


Hi Chuck,

Unfortunately, this won’t work with protected players.
You will have to do it manually or through a third party MDM platfrom like this or this (these are samples, I haven’t tested them personnaly).




You may want to put this one on the production timeline to add the Protected Player to the Google Play Store to eliminate having to use a third party to update.

Here’s the solution we came up with:

  1. In the Android settings, set “Display Controls” and “Hand Gestures” off.
  2. Install the non-protected version of the player from the Google Play store.
  3. Install AutoStart - No root and set it to autoload the player on start.


After further investigation and full consideration of the intuiface team’s recommendation, we have decided to use the “Protected Player” and lock down the version of intuiface and player and the version of composer used to update the experiences on those players. This seems to be the safest for large deployments. Once we get something into a production environment, we do not want to introduce any unnecessary uncertainties.

Thanks for all your insight!

Does anybody else have large deployments? Any feedback on how your intuiface infrastructure is setup would be greatly appreciated.