Unofficial Leap Motion


Has anyone here used the unofficial leap motion software. I am having trouble getting the assets to load into my composer software.

I have copied the Leap folder into my interface assets folder.

The assets are now accessable, but when I try to add them, I get an error saying it was unable to read the facade files. Specifically "Error reading Interface Asset Gestures. Fail to initialize external asset ‘GestureFacade’. I checked and those files exist inside the “Facade” folder. Any thoughts?


Make sure there is no other software using the Leap Motion controller.Also you must first install the Leap Motion Software available on the Leap Motion website. If Composer is running during installation of the Leap Motion software, you must exit and restart it for the changes to take effect.


I do have the software installed, do you also need the leap motion plugged in to the PC when it launches? Also what folder are you bringing into the InterfaceAssets folder? The whole LeapIA_Master folder that unzipps, or just the Leap folder inside?


Yes, you need to plug-in the Leap Motion device before starting IntuiFace.
Copy only the “Leap” folder inside the LeapIA_Master to “[Drive]:\Users[UserName]\Documents\IntuiFace\Interface Assets”

You should now be able to see the leap associated interface assets in the IA panel within Composer.

You can find more details here:


So it seems like this same error is occuring with other assets that I bring into the “interface assets” folder, the assets become selectable within the asset menu but when I insert them into my project I get the error that it cannot find the Facade files.




That is Kinect not Leap Motion Interface Asset


I just showed that one because that is the one that I am trying today.




I have just tested the package of Leap from Git Hub and you are right. Leap Motion is no longer working with the latest sdk update. Officially we do not support Leap Motion anymore, you will have to edit the script on your own as the code has been open sourced on GitHub, or wait for us to update it (not sure when this will happen).

Alternatively you could use the “Touches for Windows” application, that will act as a touch display. You can download the app here:



Hi There
Ive been asked about building a simple app which will change the display of a screen when motion has been sensed. e.g a video would play.

ive read various threads about Motion Leap and IF. is anyone using it and is it possible to create a trigger based on motion? perhaps that motion is interpreted as a touch?


You could use Demographics???


Thanks for responding Mike. What is demographics? Excuse my ignorance!


I think @mike_backhouse is referring to the third-party audience measurement tool we are supporting: Quividi.
It would enable you to raise triggers depending on who’s in front of the screen. Check the article here


thats a great tool and can see many uses for it.

i don think it would work on this project though as the screen (84’’) will be in an area which people will walk past (on their way to the bathroom for example) - i don think they’d necessarily stand in front of it. there would be other people sitting nearby who would see the interaction. hence looking for a solution that would simply detect motion and trigger an event.

are the Kinect and Motion Leap not viable for this?

i will definitely research the Quivdi for other projects as there is some great functionality and analytics!