Unique random values

An option for a unique values, both generated randomly or from a list would be helpful. An example would be for a quiz game. 50 questions available for a game, but you’d like 10 random ones chosen without a repeat. There’s currently a workaround where you can pre-determine multiple number sequences and pick a random sequence from that, but it’s a lot of extra steps.

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Hi @gordon_johnson,

This is something you could actually do with the help of a JavaScript developer. That would consist of a small evolution of the Number Generator when you would save the generated values and forbid to raise twice the same value. Adding an action to “clear the cache” would let you start over for a new round.


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You have another possible solution. It’s not a real random, but I had used it for a quiz.
In my excel file I created four columns with different order id for my questions: col1: 1-2-3-4, col2; 2-4-1-3 etc.
I used a random list only to choose the column and I use an excel filter to sort the questions with a new order.


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