Unexpected video play/playback behavior?

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a looping mechanism for various video clips - where in an 8 second clip, the first two seconds are a transition, and seconds 2-8 are a loop. The problem I’m having is this:

In the video clip, when the video ends, I have it set it’s own timeline to 2 seconds (the start of the ‘loop’ point.) I can validate that the video property now stops at 2 seconds. From here, however, I can’t seem to use any mechanism (play, toggle play/pause) to continue the clip from this point. It always seems to reset the playhead to 0 seconds.

How do you set a timeline, then have it resume playback from that point? It seems like this mechanism is broken.

Thank you -

Hi @orders,

You can set your video on Autoplay with a trigger/action like:
WHEN video reaches time 00:10sec (end) THEN set timeline to 00:05sec

Your video will play from 00:00 to 00:05 once then infinite loop between 00:05 and 00:10

Hope this helps.



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Hi David @orders,

Just another remark to explain the workarounds provided by @Alex here and @Helen on your support ticket: if you try open a video in VLC and the video is not already playing, you can’t move the timeline. If the video ends, the video is stopped and same behavior, you can’t move it anymore.
In a way, Intuiface video asset follows the same rules.