Unable to open more then one PDF file in asset grid

Hi Everyone,

This is most probably a retarded question but for some reason I cannot get this to work. I’ve created an asset grid using an excel file, but if I want to view the files using a pop-up I can only view one file and if I close the pop-up I cannot view a different file. The content or PDF files are updated using a binding property. I then created a triggers and action that if tapped the PDF file inside the asset grid pop-up’s the and display an enlarge version of the file. When I close the pop-up, I cannot view any further files from the asset grid.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nicky,

I’ve seen with our Support Team as you also opened a ticket on this topic, they’re going to answer you.

I think you may have made a mistake with your binding and bound every item of the collection to the same row value instead of “Each item of the Rows datafeed” in your Source Item list.