Unable to communicate with license server -version 6.3.14

Kindly I have been using Intuiface for long time ,and recently I have updated the composer to version 6.3.14,
now I cannot open it to due licenee communication problem and my internet is working fine ,attached a screenshot .

Youssef Saleh

Hi @Yusufm.salh

This topic is being handled by the support team :slight_smile:

I have the same issue

Hi @fadyfransis38.

Our servers had a very short outage today and all seems to be fixed now.
If you still encounter an issue, please contact our support team here.

@fadyfransis38 don’t hesitate to bookmark our status page URL: https://status.intuiface.com/ it’s pretty useful in case of outage and you can even subscribe to receive an email when something goes wrong.

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