UDP on BrightSign

Does anybody know, there’s a way to use UDP as a trigger on BrightSign Player?

Hi @bruno.arnold,

At the moment, Intuiface doesn’t support UDP messages on BrightSign, mainly because we already have our WebTrigger mechanism that works on all the platforms we support.
This could probably be implemented using an Interface Asset and their BSDatagramSocket objects, if really needed.

Could you tell us more about your use case and need?
Don’t hesitate to open a support ticket if you want this information to remain private.

Hi Seb

Wow, you’re fast!

The case is the following: We’re planning a interactive experience, where the visitors lift up a heavy weight. They use handwheels for it. Because security reasons are important, the weight is lifting up by a motor. Between the wheels and the motor, there’s an Arduino controller, who controls the motor an measure the inputs of the wheels. On displays we visualize the input energy of the wheels and the progress (cumulated inputs of three wheels). This two values are transmitted by two UDP-Values.

Regards, Bruno

I see, so you probably need a fast refresh rate where UDP makes sense, rather than sending a POST request from your Arduino to our Web Triggers API.

Just to get an idea, how often is your Arduino sending these 2 values?

The reason I’m asking is that:

  • for a first prototype / proof of concept, it might be simpler (for you) to change your Arduino code, slow down that refresh rate, and send POST commands to our Web Triggers API. Doing so, you have nothing to do in Composer but use our Web Triggers Interface Asset to display the values you’ll receive.
  • if you need to skip that step and go live with a high frequency / refresh rate, then I’d suggest 2 things
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Hi Seb

Thank you for your feedback. The trigger interval is about 5 times per second. The exhibition will start next week, so I have decide for a first version, I use native BrightSign without the fancy possibilities of Intuiface. After the opening, we will make some improvements …

Best regards


Bruno Arnold
Co-Leiter Digital Center


Hi @bruno.arnold ,

Just FYI, I wrote that custom IA myself to see how complex it was. It wasn’t :slight_smile:
See a test between an XP running in my Composer on Windows, sending info through UDP to my BrightSign Player (TV on the back wall)

This IA is built for our Player Next Gen, so let me know if you’d like access to it and I’ll send you some instructions.


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Good Morning Seb

Great! You’re awesome! Yes, send me please the informations about, so I can test it J

Kindly regards from Lucerne


Bruno Arnold
Co-Leiter Digital Center


Hello Seb,

We are looking to achieve something very similar with Intuiface and Brightsign (ability to send UDP messages to an Intuiface experience hosted on a Brightsign player).

Would it be possible to share this Interface Asset with us as well please ? Thanks

Let me know if you need more info on this,
All the best,


Hi @tauqeer and welcome to the Intuiface community.

I’ll share that UDPReceiver Interface Asset with you and Theo as he sent me a direct email about this.

Please remember this IA only works with our Player Next Gen, so make sure you are using the proper Player version on your BrightSign device.