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Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you our latest Project. We are very proud of it because it was a quite complex project. Below you will see how we used Intuiface to control alot of hardwares

Project Summary
In the end of last year we created a interactive solution for OLX at São Paulo International Auto Show. OLX is the leading car marketplace in Brazil.

The idea was to create a Drive Thru to buy your car. The physical space was divided in 3 rooms: Choosing you car, Selecting Add-ons for your car, and pickup a gift.

Technical Solution

1 - User Registration
User Registration: We created a App (not with IF) for tablet to register all users and also allowed the user to select what time they would like to join the experience
Reminder: 10 Minutes before each user session they receive a SMS reminding the of their schedule
Check In- Intuiface - When the users arrive to their session, they have to check-in, they give their Token and Intuiface (tablet) send this information to the operator of the experience

Room 1 - Selecting your Car
Intuiface- Sound Speaker - When users arrive at the first room and operator play a audio with the explanation of whats was ahead

Intuiface - Backilit / Touchscreen Monitor- As soon as the users get in the first room, the operator, using Intuiface, Turned On the backlit and the Monitor in order to the user choose the car . After choosing the car Intuiface Turn Off the backlit and Monitor

Intuiface - LED Strip- After choosing the car model IF Turn ON a Individually Addressable LED Strip, it was coded in a way that each Led from the strip was turned in a sequence that simulate the path that the user had to take

Room 2 - Add-ons for your Car
Intuiface Sound Speaker - The first question the operator ask for the user was which engine he would like 1.6 or 2.0, according to the answer it was played a loud sound of the engine.

Intuiface LED Bars- Then which car colour he would like, depending of the answer IF turned ON a LED Bar using DMX protocol and change the colour of the room

Intuiface Display Monitor - After that it was asked where the car was going to be used, City, Beach or Adventure; This time according to the answer a video was played with the theme

Intuiface Display Monitor- The next question is if the user would like Sunroof in their car, if it was accepted, a second monitor, over the user played a video simulating a sunroof opening. As time goes alot of dark clouds is shown.

Intuiface Fan- As the weather gets dark, user start to hear a wind sound and a Fan is turned ON

Intuiface LED Bar / LED Bulb -Thunder sound is played and Intuiface command the LED Bar to change the colour to white and starts to blink. Also the light (LED Bulb) of the operators room start to fail blinking .

Intuiface Humidifier- After that Intuiface Turn ON a Humidifier that spray water simulating a raining day

Intuiface Camera/Email/Printer- In order to Close the sunroof the operator says the user had to raise their hands, at this time a picture is taken, sent by Email and printed out

**Room 3 - ** User Pickup their photos

Below is a Image of the buttons that the operator could press

Here IF Running when is Played

Below the video case of the project


Hi @marcelo ! This is a great story about using various connected objects on Intuiface. :grinning:

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Impressive work Marcelo!

I have a question for you regarding:

How did you handle the DMX protocol from Intuiface? We had a lot of requests about this topic, so it would be great if you could share some tricks there :wink:

@marcelo really nice work engaging with so many IoT devices

Hi Seb
How are you?

We used a device called enttec mk2. We developed a EXE file using their documentation and opened a external application from IF passing the parameters like HEX colour

Does it help?

Thanks a lot Tosolin!


Nice work! Keep it up!

Hi Marcelo,

Doing very well, thank you! Actually pretty excited to cross the ocean really soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, it does help. I had a very quick look at their documentation, I guess you wrote the EXE using their C++ sample.

When I see some samples like GitHub - hansvana/DMXtable: C# WPF App for Enttec DMX USB PRO I really think this could be coded in c# thus integrated directly as an Interface Asset in Intuiface.

Since I don’t have any DMX device here to make some tests, I might code something and send it to you so you could test it. That would answer several users’ questions at once :slight_smile:
Adding this to my todo stack :slight_smile: