Two Players from the same computer

Hi Everyone,

I have ran into a little bit of an issue and wanted to see if anyone had some good insight?
I have two experiences that interact with each other.
Experience A is on the left hand side and is the navigation hub and is touch enabled. Experience B is on the right side of Experience A and is not touch enabled, and works in sync with Exp A.

Exp. A is the control center and whatever is touched on Exp. A has an effect as to what is shown on Exp. B. It’s the large display screen, adding the “Wow Factor”.

I have tested the two experiences and they communicate and correspond as I’d like, so that’s a huge win!

My question is what is the best way to display/play these two experiences for a permanent display?
Currently I have been running both Experiences off of the same computer and using two hdmi cables connected to two different monitors.
I have been playing Exp. A out of composer and hit the play button and I have been running Exp. B out of player. Is this the best option?
Is it possible to play two Experiences out of Player from the same computer?

Any thoughts/suggestion are much appreciated, Thanks!

Hi @stravers,

If you’re going to play “these 2 experiences” from the same computer connected to 2 screens, the best solution is to actually merge them into a single experience. Check this article.

If you communicate between them using remote actions, I wouldn’t recommend to launch 2 players on the same machine, since the communication would be one way and maybe not opened on the right player.
It would be safer to have 1 PC & 1 Player per experience in this case.