Turn touch off

Weird question but is there an option to turn off touch controls all together.

So if we slide to scene 2 no touch is recorded on the experience, i want it to mimic the touch screen being unplugged and just to work as a screen



If you want to do that you need to go into the scene and turn off the touch you could, either create a transparent rectangle over the top of your content and turn off “Visible to Interactivity” then nobody will be able to touch anything within that scene or send a command to the touch controller to disable the touch and when other scenes are navigated to turn it back on.


Turn the touch off within the touch application for example within “Displax Connect” You can turn the touch off completely.

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Hi @itsrobertwhite!

I agree with @Louie_Smith here, if you need to turn touch off/on quickly, an easy solution is to have a static transparent rectangle in an experience layer, then just show/hide this layer when needed.

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