Trying to add web browser but want it to function like image

Trying to add a web browser but want it to function more like an image. Basically I want the front page of the website (let’s say as an image with NO functions other than to open up an application if tapped. However where i’m stuck is the web browser can still be interacted with even though I unchecked everything. And I set the trigger to open an application yet when tapped it doesn’t open up the application.

Hi @stanleymurgolo,
What kind of application do you want to open when you click the web browser?
Also, if you don’t want any interaction to occur, why not use an image of the webpage?

I have it open the page in firefox. But I like the “live” image of the web browser, especially if it’s using flash, etc. (for example the homepage) You would think if you have everything checked off for no interactivity it would work this way but it doesn’t.

Okay if you don’t want to allow any interaction with the web browser, I suggest you create a transparent button to cover the web browser, and then apply your trigger to launch the application on this button.
Like this:

Thanks Anastasia, I think this will work. Stan