Try not to faint.... Player Next Gen has officially launched!

I won’t even pretend you don’t know Player Next Gen. Unless you are very new to the Intuiface family, you’ve heard us talk about the next generation of our runtime technology for literal years.

Player Next Gen is now generally available. Starting today, if you install Player on any platform but Windows, you’re using next-gen technology. In fact, we’re dropping the “Next Gen” moniker. Next gen has become current gen.

Still need a recap? Player Next Gen is built upon a foundation of modern web technologies and has replaced the current generation of Player on all platforms but Windows. (The version of Player on Windows uses .NET, and we’re leaving that one alone for now as it kicks butt.) What makes this new technology so important for all of us?

  • Adds ability to deploy experiences to the web, either as a webpage or as a Progressive Web App: Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux
  • Improves performance and scalability on already supported in-venue platforms: Android, BrightSign OS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, Samsung Tizen
  • Adds new in-venue platforms: Raspberry Pi (with more to come)

I’ve written up the details in a blog post, if you’re interested. There is also a prerecorded demo in which I modify an experience and then depoy it to the web. This video is intended for those who don’t know Intuiface well, so if you’d just like to see the web deployment part, jump to this section of the video.

Here’s the demo video in case you’re too lazy to open a new page:

Or just grab the latest version of Player and get to work!