Trouble Getting Text Input to populate Email "To" Line

Hi All

Background: I’m in the beginning stages of having a feature in an experience where the user, if interested, can have a download link sent to them via email. Forgive the rudimentary snapshots, as I’m trying to get it to work first, then I’m going to make it nice.

My problem: I’m having difficulty getting the emails to send when I’m using the text input asset. I tested the text input asset by having a standard recipient (share via email), and it worked correctly. When I attempt to have the recipient be a variable, the emails do not send.

What I’ve done so far: I’ve created an email icon, a text input zone, and attempted to bind them.

I feel like this should be a piece of cake, and I’m overlooking some minor detail. Could anyone help?

Hi @andrew.gentry

You need to bind the To to Text Input “Text” which is under the ABC on the properties tab. Not the name of the asset itself.

That should solve your issue.



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That worked. Thanks!