Triggers that don't change upon entering page

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to set a Trigger that once the action has been triggered, will not change back when the page has been exited and rentered?

Hi @Andy.Hetzel and welcome to the Intuiface user community!

If I get your request correctly, one of the easiest way to do this would be to

  • Add a Global Variable to your experience, name it something like “action happened”
  • On your trigger/action
    • Add a condition to check if the variable “action happened” is not equal to “true”
    • Add an action that sets this variable to “true”.

Thank you, Seb. This seems to make sense, but I haven’t actually used Global Variables before.
What I would like to happen is when an asset is tapped, that asset’s grayscale goes to 100%. I then wish this to remain so if I go to another scene and come back. Based on that, will GV still help me?