Triggers - tap to open


HI Guys,

Nice improvemente in the new Version specially hide “everthing else”, it save alot of time.

Another good step forward is allow to create triggers to generated assets…Exemple if a have a Carroseul collection and Tap to open one photo, if it was possible to create triggers to this assets would be awesome



Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for your encouraging feedback.

About the triggers on generated assets : Do you have a scenario in mind where such triggers would be useful? What do you want to achieve?



My last project had 2 monitors and I would like to have asset flow with many pictures . As the user tap on the picture it opens and if the user drag it to the
Border of the monitor it goes to the another monitor. At this time I dont have any control over thr asset

In short all cases that I use a collection and a generated asset. As there anyway to bypass it?

Best regards