Triggers Removed When Updating API Interface Asset

I am working on a project that uses Airtable and the multiple API Interface Assets. All of them have Triggers associated with them based on if the request completes and Actions if certain criteria are met. I keep adding fields to the Airtable baseand have been opening the “edit in the API Explorer” to update the local data set, since it does not appear to update automatically.

However, half of the time I do this, my Triggers/Actions are removed from the Interface Asset, even though I am not removing any data from the asset, only adding new data. Does anyone have an idea why this is occurring?

Also, even after running the experience, the data in the the API Interface Asset does not automatically get updated with new fields I have added in Airtable and I have to manually update each one. Is this how it is supposed to operate, or am I missing something?

Hi Steve,

When you add a new field in Airtable, you will indeed need to

  • Edit and update the Interface Asset using the API Explorer to regenerate the underlying ifd (Interface Asset Descriptor). This will tell Composer which fields are now available.
    • Unless you modified some field names in pre-existing Airtable fields, no trigger/action should be deleted when doing so.
  • Edit your data template to add the new visual representation (Text asset, image asset, …) that will be bound to these new Airtable fields.

If you still encounter such issues, I recommend you to contact our support team and share your experience with our team.