Triggers and Actions - Move Up/Down and Paste actions


In the triggers and actions menu it would be very nice to be able to drag an action to the location in the list you want it. The Move Up/Move Down action works, but only moves one position at a time.

Also, when pasting an action into an already populated actions list, it seems the default is to put the pasted action at the end of the list. It would be great the placement of the paste was dependent on the action selected before the paste. Kind of like you put the cursor where you want to paste a word in a text document.

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I fully agree with this idea :slight_smile:

In the meantime, 2 tricks I often use:

  • to move an action from top to bottom: do a cut / paste on the action.
  • to move an action from bottom to top: multi-select all the other actions and do a cut / paste.


Yep, that’s what I’ve been doing :wink: thanks


Though there seems to be an anomaly where I can’t actually cut any actions in a Scenes Triggers and Actions window. Strange.