Triggering sound and 2 finger scrolling

I need to make information kiosk with some extra features. One of those features requires that the sound would be played when person moves his finger over each object (similar to ease of access). I found a topic similar to this talking about mouse over trigger, but there was no information.
Also to make this work I need to disable 1 finger scrolling. Is it possible to do that?
I’m new to Intuiface composer and did not find any way possible to do this.

Hi @n.griciunas

The first thing to understand is that there is no notion of “finger over” when it comes to touch screens. Either you touch an object or you don’t touch it.
One solution among many could be to use a tap trigger to start the audio and a double-tap to perform the action.

Could you tell us more about your scenario / the kind of kiosk you plan to use / the kind of object that would be on screen?

Paolo @tosolini might have some insight about this topic.



Thanks for quick reply.
I have a project already in use which is quite simple. It has main scene which has most of the assets outside the screen border and few separate scenes which are activated on button releases.
The problem is that now I need to adapt this project for people with vision impairment. Solution to tap once for audio and twice for action does not help in this situation. I tried to use ‘user activity detected’ trigger but it also requires to release your finger before activating next trigger.
We are using 46’’ SWEDX Blade. It came with windows 10.

Have a look at the Accessible version of our Da Vinci Museum sample we put on our Marketplace. It could give you some ideas.


Thank you for information. Will check it as soon as I’ll have time.