Trigger Menu - Group Arrows Reset Viewing


This is somewhat minor, but I’ve been meaning to add this to the wish list for a LONG time!

When the trigger menu is open - any time you open/close a group, the viewing is reset back to what was last highlighted. Most often, viewing resets to the top of the layer list because that is the default.

This small reset breaks the flow of setting triggers quickly, and if you have many group layers within each other, it can be a hassle to keep navigating to your original place.

The expected behavior would simply be to not change the view at all when opening/closing groups. I created a video below to better describe it :

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Hi @AlexB,

Thanks for reporting the issue, I forwarded this to the product team.
Until it’s fixed, there is a simple workaround, which BTW is why I personally never saw it: select any item in the Scene Structure list before clicking a “group arrow”. The scroll shouldn’t jumb back to the top of the list anymore.



Agreed, thanks @Seb. I’ve been doing my best to do that, but it can be tough when you’re as click-happy as me lol.


Hi Alex,

A fix for this behavior will be included in our next release (6.0.5). Thank you for the video and for taking time to report this issue!