Trigger for "Leaves Left (or Right) Boundary"


Any plans for adding a scrolling trigger for leaving a boundary to mirror the “Reaches Boundary” trigger?

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Hi @cullenb,

I added a poll to your topic to see if other users would be interested in such triggers. I can already tell you it’s not in the current roadmap for the moment.

Could you tell us more about your scenario and why you would need such triggers?




My scenario is a double scroll layer scene with binding creating the parallax effect, but it starts in the middle of the canvas versus the left, so that the user can go left or right upon entering the scene. I’ve got swipe indication arrows (on a top, non-scroll layer) on the left and right of the screen.

When the user hits the left boundary, the left arrow spins 180° to point toward the right edge, letting the user know they can only swipe to the left from that point to make the screen scroll to the right. Once the user moves back towards the center of the canvas, I’d like that arrow to spin 180° back to it’s original position.

I’m sure there’s a way that exists to make this happen, but I thought creating a trigger that was the opposite of “Reaches (X) boundary” would be useful, since it would mimic the way a lot of the triggers have opposite functioning triggers available in the triggers list.


I think you can implement your scenario using the Scroll collection general triggers such as the Horizontal scroll is more than trigger. Can you have a look into this and let us know if that would answer your need?



Yes, I’ll give that a shot. Thank you for the suggestion.