Transparent/alpha video


Has anyone (recently) successfully leveraged alpha video?

I’ve tried AVI and quicktime, uncompressed with alpha channels - and while they render the preview frame in composer correctly, when the player is initiated, the alpha channel is opaque/black.

I have tried both VLC and windows media engines and have updated GeForce drivers.


What are you using to render the videos?


I’m using Adobe Media Encoder, exporting from AE with alpha. I can reimport the footage into AE or premiere and see the alpha channel is preserved. I have access to windows or Mac for export.

I’ve tested on VLC independently, using both quicktime and AVI containers with no compression, straight (unmatted) color with RGB+alpha at 32-bit. I can’t get a single example to display correctly upon playback in Intuiface: it displays the alpha channel as black. In my exports, the background was intentionally set to blue, to ensure it wasn’t carrying it through.

The sample video file posted in the knowledge base article is missing/404, so I have no basis of something that “works.”

Thanks for your thoughts.


Hi @david2,

I fixed the broken link in the help center, so you can download the sample transparent background video here.



Thank you, Seb. I think I see the gap here. A bit more than a year ago, Adobe stopped offering legacy Quicktime codecs for export. I have been unable to use a modern export method/codec to achieve the file format you’ve attached: quicktime container, PNG codec - this does not exist in OSX anymore, to my knowledge. I have also been unsuccessful using AVI export on windows with alpha channel, codec: uncompressed.

Can you please share an updated export profile from an Adobe product (Premiere, AE or AME) that works with intuiface?


I can’t get it to work as well. Have been exporting every way possible and still nothing works.


Hello everyone! (Longtime lurker, first time poster…)

This was quite a tricky case - I tested dozens of potential render settings combinations to find something that worked. For some reason, Adobe decided to discontinue the codecs necessary to render alpha channels, and there isn’t an alternative codec that functions the same way the legacy PNG codecs did within our software. Unfortunately, this means that Adobe’s Creative Cloud software (AE and AME) is no longer a viable option for exporting transparent video that is compatible with our software (for the time being).

But wait, I still come bearing good news!

Sony Vegas Pro still has the necessary quicktime codec needed for transparency!

Here are the export settings for Vegas Pro 16.0:

  1. Import the video
  2. Right click on it > Properties > Media > Alpha Channel: Premultiplied > OK
  3. File > Render As
  4. In the dialog box, choose Quick Time 7 - 512 Kbps Video (Kbps will determine the quality and size)
  5. Click on Customize Template
  6. Select Video Format: PNG / Compressed Depth: 32bppp color > OK
  7. Click on Render

Just a note, this is only possible with .mov files.

I the meantime, we will be looking into finding a more compatible render mode for the more recent Creative Cloud software in the future, and we will be updating our Help Center page to reflect all of this information.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding while we tested this issue. We greatly appreciate it. :blush:



Thanks Helen!